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  • Our Developers Work On Varied Technology Platforms And Frameworks as we are Versatile.
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Softnotech is an upcoming IT solution company delivering web development, mobile application development, software development, software maintenance and Training services. We are growing every day to meet the advanced technology worlds on demand requirements and to satisfy each and every client.

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Our vision is to provide the utmost integrity and client satisfaction through our services, creating lasting relationships with our clients while providing ideal working environments to our employees and be the technology partner of forward looking customers across the globe.

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Started with a vision of bridging the gap between skills required and talent created by colleges, today Softnotech IT Training and expertise in .Net Training, PHP Training, Java Training, iOS Training, Android Training and Software Testing Training.




Web Devlopment

Website Development includes the developing a single static content based page to the very complex web-based application for business, e-commerce, social networking, etc. Our well managed team for each type of web development is providing the very advance featured web applications. We are continuously taking notice of current updates in the software industry and trying to include the most advanced concepts into each product.


Basically two types of System Software are available in market, first is operating systems for the electronic devices and another is utility software. We are providing the various range of utility software. As our development team is experienced enough to deliver the most useful systems for different types of clients and environment like business, communication, data management, editing, educational, industrial, etc. Some software are provided with the installation of the operating systems like for Windows OS, Internet Explorer is built in browser, wordpad is built in editor etc. Inside the wide range of system types, we are also providing all of their development in multiple programming platforms like JAVA, .Net etc. Apart from these types of systems, we also invite clients to build their custom windows based application to dedicatedly work for the specific organization.


Maintenance of a system is a very crucial exercise for any development team where each and everyone must understand the previously developed concept and need to be applying the updates provided by the client as requirement. Our project maintenance team is well experienced and talented to handle any complex editing of software. They always apply the new module as it never differ from the previous version and also the development process is design appropriately to reuse the once developed item.

Mobile Devlopment

Looking to build state-of-art mobile application for your business? If you have a good idea for a mobile product, our team of experienced developers and designers who can convert your idea into reality app. We provide you the perfect grounds to promote yourself and make your business known to your customers. We specialize at mobile application development with deep enterprise experience across a broad range of industries.

Software Testing

The reliability and stability of any software is depends on the standards followed in the development life cycle. The key standard to make a quality product is the testing methodology used in to the development process. The development team of Softnotech is taking care of each and every requirement of the customer and also the performance of the system according the clients need. By applying necessary testing milestones starting from the design level to the deployment level of application development we are providing the most reliable and secure software systems. The expert testing team is hired at Softnotech to perform the manual testing and another team to design the automated testing modules for respected stages of development life cycle. Also inside the manual and automated testing methods, there are different types of testing strategies and levels.


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Project Training


It is very important for every business to develop their marketing product or strategy that reach to most common people on the globe and the Android platform application is one of the best way to achieve it.

Softnotech takes the opportunity to spread the knowledge of Android app development using android system development tool kit.


As the numbers announced by the Apple, By late 2011 60% of market share of Smartphone's and tablet computers was accounted by the iOS.

Softnotech is providing iOS development training by expert developers. Professionally designed syllabus and many practice exercises that enables any fresher to get sound grip on iOS development.


Java programming follows the most basic principle of WORA (Write Once, Run Anywhere) that allows developers to create a re-usable code or systems.

It is our gratitude to cover such a secure, stable and most popular programming language as part of our career building training modules at Softnotech.


PHP is originally created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994 and at that time he has given a name as Personal Home Page. Initially PHP was launched by Zend Engine, now it produced by PHP Group. Anyone can download it from the official PHP resource: www.php.net

At Softnotech, we allow fresher to learn from the very basic steps of programming along with website development.


Softnotech web design team is skilled enough to deliver the high value and low cost website design. We can convert your plan and dream into a reality to represent the exact idea behind the development of site with best quality and reliable product that will aspires towards the better future of the client's organization.

The expertise team of web design also provide the training to the fresher's with the use of advanced concept of HTML5, CSS3 along with the standard exercises to understand each topic.


Windows applications have covered almost all type of market in the IT industry like desktop application by windows phone, desktop application using vb.net and web application with asp.net with C# and vb.

All these platforms are not only covered but also each one is designed with such a platform architecture and framework that provides the most secure and reliable quality products. The Softnotech has a team of skilled developers for each framework to deliver the robust systems to the client as per their requirement.


The development is supported by all type of architectures like 3tire, MVC (Model View Control), WCF (Windows Communication Foundation), WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation), etc. All these makes the development process is very easy and faster in compare to other programming languages that requires manual work for design and coding. .Net is providing web based application in different languages like ASP.net (Active Server Page) a server side language, ASP.net with VB and C#, PHP, also desktop application using VB.

Softnotech is providing the depth training for each component of .Net and each languages programming skills learning by the expert developers.


Bootstrap is a free collection of tools for creating websites and web applications. It contains HTML and CSS-based design templates for typography, forms, buttons, navigation and other interface components, as well as optional JavaScript extensions.

Bootstrap is open source and available on GitHub. Developers are encouraged to participate in the project and make their own contributions to the platform.

Softnotech is providing the depth training for all about bootstrap .

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